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Electric Welfare Vans

We have developed Electric Welfare Vans, an ideal solution for those looking to reduce both running costs and their carbon footprint.


Why Buy Electric Welfare Vans

With the UK Government making commitments to ban new Petrol and Diesel vans by 2030 as part of their 10 point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. It is cause for concern to transient workforces requiring welfare vans.

A move from the traditional fossil fuel Mobile Welfare Unit poses significant challenges and one that we at Van World have met.

We’ve elected to build our “All Electric” Mess Van on the Ford E-Transit.

The Ford Transit remains the best-selling van in the UK which is one of the reasons we’ve selected to use it for our flagship E-Welfare Van.

Having already invested in creating a popular Ford Transit Welfare Unit it was a natural progression to translate that high quality specification to the new Ford E-Transit.


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What Can You Look Forward To In Your Electric Welfarevans:

One of the key benefits with an “All Electric” Mess Van is additional Low Emission Zone charges will be a thing of the past due to Fords 400 volt, 68 kWh battery powering our Zero Emission Vehicle.

The Ford E-Transit offers an impressive mileage of 196 miles on a single charge!* More than enough for an Electric Welfarevan in any urban role and flexibility for route planners when planning more remote working.


Electric Mess Vans Reduce Environmental Impact

While playing your part in reducing environmental impact, providing your workforce with an Electric Mess Van means they can still benefit from the comforts of:

Green-Tick-Approval Hot and Cold Running Water
Green-Tick-Approval Seating for 5**
Green-Tick-Approval Table/Desk
Green-Tick-Approval Interior lighting
Green-Tick-Approval Microwave
Green-Tick-Approval Toilet


All of which will be supplied energy by our separate Lithium batteries

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Welfare Vans?


With the Van World E-Welfare Units additional battery capacity, you will have access to on site tool charging without the need to invest in an additional generator.

Handy when you want to keep operational costs to a minimum.

Are Solar Panels On My Electric Welfare Vans Beneficial?

As an optional extra we can provide additional charging to the separate Welfare Batteries. Enabling your facilities battery to trickle charge while the vehicle is on site.

During the summer months you can anticipate between 6 to 7 hours of solar charge time. This can be reduced in winter months to 10% of the summer daily charge. In the UK we can have as little as 0.8 hours of solar charging light.


How Long Will My All Electric Mess Vans Take To Charge?


Using The Ford E-Transit “All Electric” for our Electric Welfare Van is a real winner when it comes to getting you moving. Taking as little as 34 minutes to achieve an 80% top-up charge from a 115Kw Rapid Charge facility.

Should you not have a rapid charging facility in place, there’s no need to worry.

Our Electric Mess Vans benefit from the 11.3kW on-board AC charger. This achieves 100% charge by simply plugging in overnight. After just 8.2 Hours charge, your Welfare Unit is good to go.

Is It Expensive To Run My Electric Welfare Vans?

Information from Ford UK advises there will be a saving in running costs.

A saving of up to 40% when compared to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance over 3 years of a comparative non-electric vehicle.

Fuel costs are also reduced (based on August 2021 pricing) you can expect an Electric Welfare Unit to only cost you c.4p a km a substantial saving compared to c.12p km in a diesel fuelled Welfare Van.


There’s also the saving to be considered when operating in Low Emission (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), which can add up to £4550 onto your operational costs.

With the "All Electric" Ford E-Transit Welfare Van you’ll benefit from Zero Emissions and Zero ULEZ or LEZ charges.

Is There Help To Buy My Electric Mobile Welfare Unit?


While we can’t guarantee that there’s financial assistance available to purchase an All Electric Welfare Van. We can advise there are often incentives from local councils operating ULEZ and LEZ schemes to support organisations operating in these zones to change to low emission vehicles.

At present there is also the Department for Transports “Plugin Grant” which offers up to 35% or a maximum of £6000 towards the purchase of a New Electric Van.

Don’t worry, as a second stage motor vehicle manufacturer we access this grant on your behalf, so no additional administration for you to worry about.

All our Electric Welfare Vans are priced with this in mind.

[*]Targeted range and charge time based on manufacturer tested values and calculation according to the WLTP drive cycle. Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviours, vehicle maintenance, lithium-ion battery age and state of health.
{**]A 7 Seat option is available on the heavier E-Transit Variant

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