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Used Welfare Vans For Sale

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Looking for New?

Learn more about new Welfare Vans here:

We often find when customers are buying or hiring a new Welfarevan it’s as a replacement for their current unit.

Van World accept vetted vehicles in part exchange as well as offer our ex-hire welfare units for sale.

To part exchange your current Welfare Van

Currently complementing our ex-hire Ford Transit and Peugeot Boxer based used Welfare units are approved used IVECO and Mercedes Sprinter Welfare Vans.

Why Buy a Used Welfare Van?

It’s a good question.

There are benefits to opting for a used Welfare unit. Particularly if you find a well-maintained ex fleet vehicle, one of the most sort after of these are the β€œEx Network Rail Van”.


When looking for used Welfare Vans you have a wide variety of manufacturers and pre-built Welfare Units to source from.

IVECO, Mercedes, Ford, Peugeot, Renault

and other van manufacturers all have used Welfare Units on the market.

Reduced depreciation: a used Welfarevan is not going to depreciate in value as quickly as its newer counterpart. If you’re not intending to operate the used mess van for a prolonged period of time, keeping capital in your bank rather than it depreciating in an asset could be an attractive choice.

Quicker Ownership: a used Welfare Unit will already have gone through our mechanical check and may only require valeting before transfer of ownership. Of course should you opt to modify your Used Welfare Van, this may increase the length of time before you take delivery.

Quality Checked: our quality check process ensures that used welfare stock meet both our mechanical and vehicle finishing standards. We can modify the existing welfare unit to include:

We Can Modify an Existing Used Welfare Unit

  • Covid Safety Screens
  • External LED lights
  • Electric Side Steps
  • Tow Bars

Improve an existing Mess Unit

We can retrofit improved facilities, should they be required

Find Your Ideal Used Welfare Van

Used Welfare Vans For Sale

{"minibuses" : [{"minibusTitle": "Used Ford Transit 350 Welfare Messing Van with Toilet For Sale","minibusProductID": "4847","minibusPrice": "23,495","plusVAT": "Plus VAT","minibusMileage": "59,177","minibusPlateNumber": "2017 (67)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Used-Ford-Transit-350-Welfare-Messing-Van-with-Toilet-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "1","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit 350 L3H2 Welfare Van"}]}

It’s important to consider that retrofitting can be a costly process, and may offset any saving you’d make from opting for a new welfare van.

Things to look out for when buying a used Welfare Unit:

We thoroughly check and bring all our used fleet up to a β€œlike new” standard, but if you’re shopping around. Then here are some points to look out for:

Used Van Checklist:

  • Rust – are there any signs of it?
  • Accident damage/repairs – are there any signs of these?
  • Tyres – are they the correct ones for the van and is the wear even?
  • Suspension – are the shock absorbers in good condition?

Used Welfare Vans For Sale

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Is a Used Welfare Unit right for me?

To help you make the most informed decision, we’re
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appointment to view any new
or used welfare van to add to your fleet

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