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How to Empty Your Welfare Van Toilet

Know Your Welfare Van Toilet!

Here at Van World we equip our Welfare Units use the Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet as the Welfare Van Toilet.

Thetford are the market leader in mobile sanitary systems and
we believe their commitment to delivering a high-end product
marries well to our own motto of “Escape the Ordinary”.

This particular model was chosen for its light weight, waste capacity and ease of emptying; all important factors when considering the most suitable toilet for a Welfare Van.

Its compactness allows space and weight to be allocated towards other functions of the Welfare Unit.


512 x 670 x 400 mm

How Often Should The Welfare Toilet Be Emptied?

The Thetford C403 Cassette Toilet has an indicator with 3 levels of capacity.

However, a good rule of thumb is to empty every couple of days.

Which leads us to how to empty the toilet on a Welfare Van.

When illuminated – Toilet cassette requires emptying

When illuminated – Toilet cassette not fitted

When illuminated – Toilet is fitted and working

How do I empty my Van World Welfare Van Toilet?

Whether you own a Ford or Peugeot Van World Welfare Van the process is the same.

We know the thought of emptying the toilet of your Welfare Van may seem unpleasant.

Rest assured that with the Thetford Cassette Toilet we fit as standard to our Welfare Vans, we’ve made it a quick and simple task.

5 Simple Steps
To Emptying your Van World Welfare Van Toilet


Emptying Your Welfare Van Toilet – 5 Step Guide

Step 1:

Depress the two buttons at the top and base of the Welfare Van toilet cassette hatch.

There will be a reassuring click and the door will swing open with ease

Welfare Van Toilet Hatch Closed
Welfare Van Toilet Hatch Open

Step 2:

By the Green handle raise the Mess Unit toilet cassette lightly this will disengage the locking mechanism and allow you to easily pull the toilet cassette forward.

Step 3:

Now that the Welfare Van toilet cassette is clear of the vehicle straighten the swivel nozzle for ease of pouring the toilet waste into a suitable waste disposal point.


Step 4:

Undo the Welfare Van Toilet nozzle cap (you may wish to wear suitable gloves in case of any leakage).
Aim and pour the content away.

Step 5:

Reattach the nozzle cap, return disposal pipe to retracted position and replace the Welfare Vans toilet waste cassette into the access hatch.

There will be an audible click when it is locked in position.

How to Empty a Welfare Van Toilet - Simple Video Guide

A 1 Minute Video Guide: Emptying Your Welfare Van Toilet

You’ve followed our 5 Step Guide to emptying a Mess Vans toilet.

We created this short companion video to assist in emptying your Welfare Vans toilet with ease.

Quick and Easy, your Electric Flush toilet is empty, refitted and available for use.

Welfare Vans with Toilet For Sale

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