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Ultra Low Emission Zones & Welfare Vans- What to Know!

Upgrading your fleet to a Ultra Low Emission Zone compliant vehicle is the most effective way to avoid additional costs to operating your Welfare fleet.

Environmental impact is a subject that is increasingly on the agenda and this particularly impacts on those who operate vehicles within a low emission zone.


What are Ultra Low Emission Zones

As part of tackling climate change and dangerous pollutants generated by vehicle emissions many cities are operating or looking to introduce Low Emission Zones (LEZ) or ULEZ.

Ultra Low Emission Zones are being introduced across the United Kingdom in order to reduce the levels of:

  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Particulate Matter (PM)

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Upgrade Your Welfare Van to be ULEZ Compliant


For Welfare Unit operators each day your welfare van passes through a low emission zone there will be a penalty charge to pay, unless your welfare van is Euro 6 compliant.

Avoid Paying up to £4550 extra, a year.

How much will Ultra Low Emission Zone charges cost?

In example. Transport for London currently issue a daily charge of £12.50 for vehicles that pass through their Ultra Low Emission Zone. That charge is payable 364 days a year with only Christmas Day 25th December being exempt. That totals to a staggering £4550.00 a year cost on operating your Welfare Van.

Check if your current welfare vehicle is compliant:

Use the Transport for London Vehicle Checker

What do ULTRA LOW EMISSION ZONE charges apply to?

Since September 2016 all vans up to the weight of 3.5 tonnes have been required to meet Euro 6 (Nox and Pm) standards.

It’s comforting to know that all New Welfare Vans from Van World are Euro 6 compliant. Where possible we try to ensure our Used Welfare Units equally meet this important emission standard.

We are proud to say that the manufacturers we chose to work with have invested in reducing emission levels.

Our Ford Transit, one of the most widely recognised vans in production; has since 2016 been equipped with an engine that produces 55% less Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) than its predecessor.

Our Peugeot Boxers since 2017 have been equipped with Blue HDi Peugeot AdBlue Euro 6 compliant engines reducing their carbon dioxide emission by 30grams.

UK Cities operating Low Emission Zone (LEZ) or Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Schemes

There are currently ULEZ schemes operating in cities across England and Scotland, with more due to be introduced in the coming months and years.

New Welfare vans from Van World are Euro 6 compliant, we also offer electric welfare units which have an even lower environmental impact when in operation.

Can I get Funding for a ULEZ Compliant Welfare Unit?


We are often asked, Is there funding for Low Emission Zone (LEZ) vans which is why we covered that exact question in one of our recent blog posts.

local government actively seeking to create cleaner air zones, while we can not always say “yes, there’s funding available” we would advise speaking with your local council representatives or business chambers who may be able to sign post you in the right direction.

We regularly review the latest news and information around ULEZ and LEZ schemes, and will post updates to our company blog, feel free to check our current posts.

ULEZ Compliant Welfare Vans

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