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Welfare Vans For Sale

Self-contained, our welfare vehicles can be equipped with technology, personalisation and welfare features such as:

  • VOSA tested seating for up to 7 people
  • Unisex toilet
  • Hot and cold-water supply
  • Canteen facilities with sink, microwave, and cooking area
  • Boiling water supply
  • Air extraction units
  • Bespoke storage facilities

{"minibuses" : [{"minibusTitle": "Ford Transit 350 L3 H2 FWD Welfare Van in White For Sale","minibusProductID": "4480","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "BRAND NEW","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Ford-Transit-350-L3-H2-FWD-Welfare-Van-in-White-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit 350 L3 H2 Leader Welfare Van"}{"minibusTitle": "Ford Transit 350 L3 H3 RWD Welfare Van in White For Sale","minibusProductID": "4488","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "BRAND NEW","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Ford-Transit-350-L3-H3-RWD-Welfare-Van-in-White-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit 350 L3 H3 Leader Welfare Van"}{"minibusTitle": "Peugeot Boxer Euro 6 Welfare Van For Sale","minibusProductID": "4500","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "BRAND NEW","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Peugeot-Boxer-Euro-6-Welfare-Van-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Peugeot","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Boxer Professional Welfare Van For Sale"}]}

Our welfare and mess vans are fully equipped with exceptional facilities to keep you and your staff safe and prepared when in the most remote of locations. We can also add adaptions or custom build commercial vehicles too.

Available to purchase, hire or lease we have stock welfare vans available. Alternatively talk to our friendly experienced engineers with your bespoke specifications.

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Used Welfare Vans for Sale
Not what you're looking for?

Interested in a quality used welfare van instead?

Have a look at our range of refurbished, low mileage used welfare vans.

Transit and Boxer Welfare Vans Available Now

Please see below for a selection of welfare vans that are currently or are due to go into build very soon.

Please call us on 01782 444289 or contact us for more information.

2021 (70) New Peugeot Boxer Welfare Van Professional View Details
2021 (70) New Ford Transit Welfare Van - Trail Specification View Details
2021 (70) New Peugeot Boxer Welfare Van View Details
2021 (70) New Ford Transit 350 RWD L3 H3 Welfare Van - Leader Specification View Details

Welfare Vans For Sale

{"minibuses" : [{"minibusTitle": "Mercedes Sprinter Welfare Van with Toilet 313 CDI MWB High Roof 3.5T in White For Sale","minibusProductID": "4681","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "58800","minibusPlateNumber": "2015 (65)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Mercedes-Sprinter-Welfare-Van-with-Toilet-313-CDI-MWB-High-Roof-3.5T-in-White-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "1","photoBannerText": "Mercedes","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Sprinter 313 CDI MWB High Roof 3.5T Welfare Van"}{"minibusTitle": "Ford Transit 350 L3 H3 RWD Welfare Van in White For Sale","minibusProductID": "4526","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "2021 (70)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Ford-Transit-350-L3-H3-RWD-Welfare-Van-in-White-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit 350 L3 H3 RWD Leader Welfare Van"}{"minibusTitle": "Ford Transit Trail 350 L3 H2 FWD Welfare Van in White For Sale","minibusProductID": "4520","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "2021 (70)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Ford-Transit-Trail-350-L3-H2-FWD-Welfare-Van-in-White-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit Trail 350 L3 H2 FWD Welfare Van"}]}

Welfare Van Hire

Primarily based around the Peugeot Boxer and Ford Transit, however, as an experienced and trusted converter, we can manufacture on any panel van including Renault and Vauxhall as well as Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Feel free to browse below, to use the search bar above, or go directly to our Ford Transit welfare van for sale, or Peugeot Boxer welfare van for sale.

If it's lease or hire you're looking for then we also offer a Ford Transit welfare van for hire as well as a Peugeot Boxer welfare van for hire.

Whilst demand is high, we do currently have welfare vans in stock and ready to go, as well as further welfare vans due to be manufactured soon.

We also have a selection of panel vans that you can buy as they are, or we can convert to a welfare van or a Crew Cab with removable seating; indeed, any custom van conversion specific to your needs.

Or just give us a call on 01782 444289!

Welfare Vans For Hire

{"minibuses" : [{"minibusTitle": "Welfare Van For Hire from £295 Per Week","minibusProductID": "5018","minibusPrice": "295","plusVAT": "Plus VAT","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "2021 (71)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Welfare-Van-For-Hire-from-£295-Per-Week","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Peugeot","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Boxer Welfare Van For Hire"}{"minibusTitle": "Mess Van Hire From £295 Per Week","minibusProductID": "5019","minibusPrice": "295","plusVAT": "Plus VAT","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "2021 (71)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Mess-Van-Hire-From-£295-Per-Week","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit Mess Van For Hire"}{"minibusTitle": "New or Used Peugeot Boxer Welfare Van For Sale","minibusProductID": "4251","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "22072","minibusPlateNumber": "2019 (19)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "New-or-Used-Peugeot-Boxer-Welfare-Van-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Peugeot","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Boxer Welfare Van For Sale"}]}

See what our clients say

What Our Clients Way - Welfare Van
" We approached Van World at the start of November in our search for a welfare van to add to our fleet. We were in urgent need of the vehicle and the staff were exceptionally helpful in ensuring we were able to take delivery of a vehicle that was in the final stages of preparation within a week.

The van was collected on Tuesday 10th November and we are extremely impressed with the build quality and specification of the vehicle.

We were delighted with the service we received and have already placed an order for 2 new Ford Transit Welfare Vans.

Mr C Robinson, CG Robinson Son Ltd.
What Our Clients Way - Ford Transit Welfare Van
" We were looking for Welfare Vans in a hurry to help support all the recent changes around COVID legislation.

Van World came up with exactly the specification we needed, when we needed them by.

Prompt and efficient service, with no compromise to quality.

David Aylesbury, Derbyshire
What Our Clients Say - Custom Build Van
" We needed a specific bespoke storage solution, that exactly fitted the parts we use.

Fed up of rattling around and rummaging, we turned to Van World. We were so glad we did.

The bespoke build quality was impressive and resulted in vastly improving our efficiency and professionalism.

Lyn Jackson, Manchester
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