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New Welfare Vans For Sale

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Quality Used Welfare Vans

To view our quality checked and refurbished used Welfare Vans head here now

Welfare Vans for Sale at CWM World

We build quality converted New Welfare Units For Sale on the trusted base of New Peugeot Boxers, Ford Transits and other manufacturers when required.

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New Welfare Vans For Sale

{"minibuses" : [{"minibusTitle": "Peugeot Boxer ULEZ Compliant Welfare Van For Sale","minibusProductID": "4501","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "Brand New","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "Peugeot-Boxer-ULEZ-Compliant-Welfare-Van-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Peugeot","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Boxer Professional Welfare Van For Sale"}{"minibusTitle": "New Ford Transit Welfare Vehicle For Sale","minibusProductID": "4481","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "BRAND NEW","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "New-Ford-Transit-Welfare-Vehicle-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit 350 L3 H2 Leader Welfare Van"}{"minibusTitle": "New Peugeot Boxer Professional Welfare Van For Sale","minibusProductID": "4500","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "Brand New","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "New-Peugeot-Boxer-Professional-Welfare-Van-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Peugeot","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Boxer Professional Welfare Van For Sale"}]}

New Welfare Vans sold at Van World are the perfect mobile solution to providing facilities for your transient workforce. Whether they operate across multiple sites or a singular remote access site, with a Van World Welfare Unit we’ve got them covered.

Our New Welfare Vans are built to be a marriage of
site welfare and transport vehicle in one dependable design.


Equipped with:
Toilet Facilities

With our Premium standard Welfare Vans you’ll benefit from hot and cold running water, a microwave and many other facilities considered “optional extras” by other Welfare Unit manufacturers.

Have a particular Van manufacturer in mind, use the handy search tool to refine the New Welfare Units displayed.

Our New Welfare Vans For Sale have the following specification:

Messing Area
2 Top Sliding Windows as Standard with Kite Marked Safety Glass
Left Hand Grab Rail
Low Profile Roof Vent
4 Seats Trimmed in Black Vinyl
Hot and Cold-Water Supply
4 USB Charge Points
3 point Hand Care Station
Trimmed in Non-slip Flooring
Wrist to Elbow Sink
Low energy LED Saloon Lighting with On/Off Options and
Step Entrance Lighting
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Rear Compartment
Floor Trimmed in Hard Wearing Hexa Board
Hot and Cold-Water Supply
Wrist to Elbow Sink
3 Point Hand Care Station
Eye Wash Station
Rear Heating
Low Profile Roof Vent
Privacy Screen for Toilet
Thetford Electric Flushing Toilet
2 LED Lights with On/Off Switch
Changing/Drying Area
Hangers for Clothes
Low energy LED Saloon Lighting with On/Off Options and
Cab Area
Beacon Switch
Isolator Switch

New Welfare Vans For Sale

{"minibuses" : [{"minibusTitle": "New Peugeot Boxer 8 Seat Welfare Van","minibusProductID": "4513","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "Brand New","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "New-Peugeot-Boxer-8-Seat-Welfare-Van","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Peugeot","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Boxer Welfare Van For Sale"}{"minibusTitle": "New Ford Transit Trail 350 Welfare Van For Sale","minibusProductID": "4520","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "2021 (70)","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "New-Ford-Transit-Trail-350-Welfare-Van-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit Trail 350 L3 H2 FWD Welfare Van"}{"minibusTitle": "New Ford Transit Trend L3H2 LWB Welfare Van For Sale","minibusProductID": "4491","minibusPrice": "POA","plusVAT": "","minibusMileage": "Delivery","minibusPlateNumber": "BRAND NEW","primaryCategory": "Welfare-Van","pageTitle": "New-Ford-Transit-Trend-L3H2-LWB-Welfare-Van-For-Sale","photoRosetteText": "14","photoBannerText": "Ford","wheelchairSeatCapacity": "Transit 350 L3 H2 Trend Welfare Van"}]}

Van World is an approved second stage motor vehicle manufacturer

All new welfare units for sale are produced from Manufacturer supplied panel vans

We use the agile mid size vehicle builds of the
Peugeot Boxer and Ford Transit.

In 2022 we will be introducing the
Ford E-Transit to allow for a "Full Electric" Mobile Welfare Unit.

Van World have an
approved Welfare Van design, as an experienced vehicle convertor we can adapt vehicles to meet most needs.


Looking for something out of the ordinary?

Speak with our sales team to find out what is possible:

What does it mean to buy a NEW Van World Welfare Van?

It means you’re investing a Ford and Peugeot technically approved product.

We’ve submitted our Welfare Units build and specifications to
Ford UK and Stellantis (Owner of the Peugeot Brand) and received their technical approval on our product.

What’s more every single vehicle we produce has to pass
Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). This is a stringent inspection outlined by the Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA) and policed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You can find out more about IVA on GOV.UK.

Why Buy A New Welfare Van?

With the global upheaval and ongoing supply chain
issues caused by the
2020 Corona Pandemic used
vehicle prices have exceeded that of New vehicles


Buying used, because it’s available could cost you in the long run.

A New Welfare Van will have a longer lifespan, reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability. It may be important to you that as an investment your New Van World Welfare Unit will depreciate at a much-reduced rate to that of a used Welfare counterpart.

Find Your New Welfare Van Here:

New Welfare Vans For Sale

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Buying a New Welfare Van

It’s the smart investment!

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